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The Video Rental Program marketplace has always been a hot industry. Convenience is the key in this day and age. People are looking for ways to save time and effort. And Video Rental Programs companies provide that and much more.

Video Rental Program are a simple and useful software package for video rental shops. This software is ideal for video shops where rental, buying and selling of video and video related items is happening. Video Rental Program are user-friendly package that ensures you need little or no training to use it. A basic understanding of Windows is all that required.

Video Rental Programs Point of Sale Features


  • Instant access to a customer's information

  • Do rental, sales and returns with or without the mouse

  • Check availability of title with a few keystrokes

  • Rental items can be entered into the invoice either by code or by description

  • Scans and prints barcodes (please note that a barcode scanner is not required to use the program)

  • Declare different due dates for individual rental items

  • Process general merchandise and rental items on the same invoice

  • Customer photos can be added and displayed at the time of rental for extra security

  • Multiple payment options: Accept cash or credit cards. You can also "charge" a rental or sale on the customer's House Account

  • Video Rental Programs has automatic calculation of customer change for the clerk while invoicing

  • Customer balance including late fee due is tracked and displayed automatically at rental time

  • Warn you that a customer's credit card is expired

  • Previously rented item alert - A warning if customer has already rented a title leading to improved customer service

  • Customer birthday alert - A message is given when a customer visits on his or her birthday

  • Integrated reservations - Full Video Rental Programs reservation functionality is provided - including features such as warnings if a customer tries to rent a title that will overlap with an existing reservation and notification when a title is returned that another customer has reserved for later that day

  • Video Rental Programs invoices can be configured to print in virtually any language

  • Flexible tax setup

  • Sell pre-paid rental plans

  • Full suite of functionalities to complement your cash register operations (refunds, voids, pay outs, etc.)


Video Rental Programs Standard Features:


  • Video Rental Programs offers unlimited customer entries

  • Unlimited number of rentals and inventory items

  • Unlimited number sales groups or revenue centers

  • Quick add feature to add multiple copies of a tape at once

  • Auto number generation for customer ID's

  • Employee file maintenance

  • Password security configurable for each employee (to restrict their access to sensitive information)

  • Sell general merchandise

  • Tracks payments and purchases

  • View tapes out by customer

  • Video Rental Programs maintains a history of all returns

  • Overdue rentals are tracked and reports sorted by date or customer name are available, allowing you to follow up late returns with minimum administration

  • Lock accounts with balance due, tapes overdue, etc.

  • Ability to print a fully customizable Overdue Letter or Final Notice to prompt a particular customer to return overdue rentals

  • Easy to read shift end report

  • Rentals Returned: Maximize Efficiency

  • One click access to the rental return screen from the program's main screen

  • While processing a return, bring all of a customer's outstanding items onto the screen by entering just one of the items

  • Full and partial rental returns

  • Late fee amount is automatically suggested when a rental is returned late

  • Late fees can be paid in full, partially, put onto the customer's account or forgiven

  • Forgiven late fees are tracked

  • Return receipts can be printed for those customers who require one

  • Remind clerk when "reserved" titles are returned

  • Customer Management: Improve Customer Service

  • Identify regulars and VIPs

  • Instant customer rental history: There is now an answer to the question "have I seen this movie?"

  • Automatic tracking of remaining balance and credit

  • Gift Certificate management with complete control over your gift certificate issuing, tracking, & redemption

  • Allow your customer to pay any amount toward their balance owed (any over payment will be returned to the customer as change due)

  • Phone order processing

  • See the caller information before you even pickup the telephone by using the advanced Caller ID interface

  • Call your customers from the program with just the click of a button (by using the Modem Support capability)

  • Membership forms may be printed for new customers to complete. The form may be customized to collect any data appropriate to your situation

  • Default city, state, zip automatically entered in customer form (easy data entry encourages clerks to keep customer information up to date)

  • Two additional family members per account

  • Ability for adding a rental agreement or a custom message at bottom of the printed receipt



Video Rental Programs Marketing Management: Increase Repeat Business


  • Conduct powerful e-mail marketing campaigns from within the program to increase repeat business (e-mails may be sent to customers who have an upcoming birthday, to inform of new releases or special promotions, etc.)

  • Track customer preferences to meet and anticipate special requests

  • Track special occasions such as customer birthdays

  • Print mailing labels to reach select target audiences

  • Improve customer service by allowing customers to query movie availability on the sales floor by using a public terminal

  • Print customer membership cards which (if desired) include a barcode representing the customer number

  • 'Suggest a Movie' feature: Provides you with a list of the currently available top titles, taking into account the customer's category preferences and rental history (no more leaving the counter to go to the shelves to pick a movie for a customer)

  • Inventory Control: Track your Retail Sales

  • Sell any kind of inventory item, popcorn, candy, drinks, party goods, etc.

  • Specify reorder levels for each sales item in your database

  • Inventory depletion based on sales

  • Automatic reorder needed alert when stock inventory hits the reorder level, removing the need for time consuming manual stock checks

  • View inventory status instantly

  • Predictive ordering

  • Inventory sales reports for any period

  • Sales margin report

  • Promotions and Special Offers: Increase Productivity

  • Flexible pricing: Assign different rent amounts, rent days, etc.

  • Discounts for multiple rentals: X titles for x days for x dollar

  • Rentals can be returned at a specific time or anytime during a specific day

  • Offer rental discounts using prepaid coupon feature (Example: $40 of store rental credit can be given for a prepaid price of $30)

  • Information Module: Know more about your store and be more competitive

  • Video Rental Plus provides you with a whole host of reports designed to give you not only total control of your store but also powerful information for planning promotions, rental stock management, and staff management.

  • Daily summary of rentals & sales

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly financial transactions

  • Detailed void reporting

  • Sales tax report

  • Unlimited customer history - including all detail on all transactions (sales, rentals, voids, returns)

  • Display rental history of a title (shows from last to first all customers to have tape)

  • Top renting titles and slow titles

  • Sales performance by sales/rental category

  • Rentals, inventory items, customers and sales data may be imported into Excel, Ms Access, Dbase, Lotus, etc.

  • Ability to export sales reports to text file for further processing

  • Backup files can be used as a bridge between the point of sale system and the home office accounting system

  • Numerous Back Office reports to present your overall video store operation results


Video Rental Programs Misc. Features:


  • 100% graphical operated Point of Sale

  • 100% 32-bit Windows based (runs on Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4, W2K, XP)

  • Single and multi-users (true client-server software) to share data

  • Your clerks do not need prior computer knowledge

  • Easy pull down menus

  • Fast and easy lookups

  • Customizable main screen- Select images stored on your computer to use as the background for the program's main screen

  • Built-in backup and restore functions

  • Compact database support directly from software

  • Automatic database repair capability

  • Support for various Point of Sale peripherals (receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, digital camera for customer photo capture, etc.)

  • Print bar code labels directly from the software (optional)

  • Peer to peer Windows networking support (saves you the cost of expensive dedicated database server and the server operating system)

  • Administration (price changes, inventory additions, etc.) from remote location with 'on the fly' update to each station's database

  • Separate free utility (Video Rental Plus Database Functions) to allow you to purge test orders from the sales database

  • Import existing data - Video Rental Plus has a data import module which allows you to import customer and rental title data from a variety of existing programs databases

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