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Free Video Rental Software. Video Rental Plus provides all the reports you need to stay in control of your business -and to improve it. By reporting your customers' preferences, identifying which videos to stock based on historic sales patterns, freezing seriously past due accounts, etc. you will run a more profitable, better managed store.


If you in search for a Free Video Rental Software solution that will manage your sales, rentals, customer and inventory details, then Video Rental Plus is for you.


Video Rental Plus is Free Video Rental Software for video rental & DVD stores. Years of research and development experience in the video retail market has resulted in an integrated Point of Sale (POS) interface that is optimized for both rentals and sales.


Video Rental Plus can generate various types of reports using this simple Free Video Rental Software. Currently it is become very easy to contact your Video Shop Customers. In this Free Video Rental Software, automatic e-mailing facility is also available. So, better customer care service options are available within the Free Video Rental Software. Just use this Free Video Rental Software to inform dues, greetings, new film list etc. This Free Video Rental Software also helps in management of preorders.


Complete POS Free Video Rental Software solution for Video Stores


  • Video Rental Plus allows you to keep track of all of your sales & rentals, keep a history of your customer information.

  • Generate detailed invoices (including an optional rental agreement)

  • Automatically calculate any taxes due, and record the required payments.

  • When rentals are returned, they can easily be entered into the system and any late charges will automatically be recorded.


You can use any type of bar code scanner with this Free Video Rental Software. There is also provision for file backup/restore and compacting the database. Printing can be done in windows and DOS mode. Video Rental Plus is network ready Free Video Rental Software. This Free Video Rental Software will work with multiple terminals. Customer photographs can also be saved in this Free Video Rental Software.

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 Affordable, easy to setup & simple to use!


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