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Video Rental Plus - video store program is NOT just another point of sale software. It is a total video store management solution for the changing needs of the video rental industry. Whether you have just one computerized checkout station or a multiple station network system, Video Rental Plus - video store program is the smart choice for running your entire video store business.


Video Rental Plus - video store program allows you to keep track of all of your sales &  rentals, keep a history of your customer information, generate detailed invoices (including an optional rental agreement), automatically calculate any taxes due, and record the required payments. When rentals are returned, they can easily be entered into the system and any late charges will automatically be recorded.


Video Rental Plus - video store program provides all the reports you need to stay in control of your business -and to improve it. By reporting your customers' preferences, identifying which videos to stock based on historic sales patterns, freezing seriously past due accounts, etc. you will run a more profitable, better managed store.


Video Store Program Standard Features: Simplify Daily Management



  • Unlimited customer entries

  • Unlimited number of rentals and inventory items

  • Unlimited number sales groups or revenue centers

  • Quick add feature to add multiple copies of a tape at once

  • Auto number generation for customer ID's

  • Employee file maintenance

  • Password security configurable for each employee (to restrict their access to sensitive information)

  • Sell general merchandise

  • Tracks payments and purchases

  • View tapes out by customer

  • Maintains a history of all returns

  • Overdue rentals are tracked and reports sorted by date or customer name are available, allowing you to follow up late returns with minimum administration

  • Lock accounts with balance due, tapes overdue, etc.

  • Ability to print a fully customizable Overdue Letter or Final Notice to prompt a particular customer to return overdue rentals

  • Easy to read shift end report


Video Store Program Point of Sale Features: ...all at your Fingertip


  • Instant access to a customer's information

  • Do rental, sales and returns with or without the mouse

  • Check availability of title with a few keystrokes

  • Rental items can be entered into the invoice either by code or by description

  • Scans and prints barcodes (please note that a barcode scanner is not required to use the program)

  • Declare different due dates for individual rental items

  • Process general merchandise and rental items on the same invoice

  • Customer photos can be added and displayed at the time of rental for extra security

  • Multiple payment options: Accept cash or credit cards. You can also "charge" a rental or sale on the customer's House Account

  • Automatic calculation of customer change for the clerk while invoicing

  • Customer balance including late fee due is tracked and displayed automatically at rental time

  • Warn you that a customer's credit card is expired

  • Previously rented item alert - A warning if customer has already rented a title leading to improved customer service

  • Customer birthday alert - A message is given when a customer visits on his or her birthday

  • Integrated reservations - Full reservation functionality is provided - including features such as warnings if a customer tries to rent a title that will overlap with an existing reservation and notification when a title is returned that another customer has reserved for later that day

  • Invoices can be configured to print in virtually any language

  • Flexible tax setup

  • Sell pre-paid rental plans

  • Full suite of functionalities to complement your cash register operations (refunds, voids, pay outs, etc.)


If you are looking for a video store program software solution that will manage your sales, rentals, customer and inventory details, then Video Rental Plus is for you.


Easy-to-use, reliable and cost effective, Video Rental Plus - video store program has everything you need to control, manage and promote your video rental business.

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 Affordable, easy to setup & simple to use!


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