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A typical product at a Download free pos software store video passes through distinct stages during the course of its life. During the market pioneering stage, the product is in its introductory stage, and there may not be a ready market for the product. Sales are low, and the product undergoes teething troubles. Profits seen like they could be a remote possibility but a demand have to be created and developed, and customers have to be prompted to try the product. One of the crucial decisions that need to be making at this stage is the pricing strategy adopted for the product.


Download free pos software store video, a product passes through certain distinct stages during its life. This cycle is called "product life cycle or PLC. The PLC is normally presented as a sales curve spanning the products course from introduction to exit. Concept lies in the fact that each stage in the Download free pos software store video is characterized by a typical market behavior. Consequently each stage lends itself to the application of a certain specific marketing strategy. Understanding the PLC concept and managing it effectively can help prolong the profitable phases of the life span of a product.


The Download free pos software store video ease and speed that allows competitors to introduce similar products is perhaps the most important factor in deciding the pricing strategy. Another crucial area demanding attention is market development and promotion. That's where demand has to be created and developed. The firm has to invest heavily in promotion and wait for the reward.


During the market growth stage, the demand for the product increases and the size of the market grows. That's when one has to stay ahead of competitors and persuade customers of the Download free pos software store video product's quality.

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