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Online Video Store software is a easy and valuable software package for video rental shops. This software is ideal for those video shops where rental, buying and selling of video and video related items. This user friendly Online Video Store software package ensures that you need little or no training to use it. A basic understanding of Windows is all that is required.


Online Video Store software Main features


         Flexible rates.



         Reservation charge.

         Late charge.

         Rent X Get Y.


         Point of sales module.

         Various Reports.


You can easily generate various types of reports using this a Online Video Store software. Nowadays it is become very easy to contact your Video Shop Customers. Online Video Store software, automatic e-mailing facility available. So, better customer care service options are available within the Online Video Store software. Online Video Store software lets you inform dues, greetings, new film list etc. Online Video Store software also helps in management of preorders.


You can use any type of bar code scanner with Online Video Store software. There is also provision for file backup/restore and compacting database. Printing can be done in windows and DOS mode.


Security is another important feature of Online Video Store software. Different user privileges can set to employees in the Video Shop. Printable Manual about Online Video Store software is also provided.


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 Affordable, easy to setup & simple to use!


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