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Your Video Rental store can definitely benefit from the ease of use of POS Software Store Video. Video Rental Plus has bundled select equipment and POS Software Store Video into complete Video point-of-sale systems that will meet your needs.


POS Software Store Video system including Video POS software and POS cash registers will help you keep all of the information you need in one place so you can make informed decisions and track of your store easily.


POS Software Store Video helps you to keep track of rentals, charge appropriate fees and track inventory. Also, through security checks and balances, our Video POS software and POS cash registers help reduce theft.


Your Video POS system will also help you with mass emails and mailing labels for promotions and marketing to keep your customers coming back.


All of this comes in a package that is easy to run, simple to maintain. Our Video Store POS software and systems will help you get the job done.


POS Software Store Video - Hardware Requirements


POS Software Store Video system has some hardware requirements and needs physical input and output devices to carry out the commands of remote system software and to guarantee the smooth functioning of business transactions in a restaurant or a retail outlet. Some of the mandatory POS Software Store Video hardware includes computer terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers, magnetic stripe readers, check readers, monitors or screens, keyboards, barcode scanners, and customer display screens. These are aimed at time-effective and error-free sales transactions, where every activity is machine driven and manual input is minimal. POS Software Store Video.

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 Affordable, easy to setup & simple to use!


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