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Video Rental Plus 5.30.05 / Registration Code

$199.00 (US Dollars)

This is a one-time purchase and not a monthly subscription type purchase.

Price includes network operation on multiple computers (up to 30 workstations per video store location), priority support via email, free software updates and unlimited installation to any number of PCs.

Registration code provided is for one (1) video store address only.

To order online via's SECURE SERVER, please click on the button below:

About Our Company

Video Rental Plus for Video Store is a point of sale program sold by BLUESOFT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. We are a software development company based in the Philippines. We are in the business since 1990.

FAQ's on the Product Registration

How is your registration processed?

When you click on the above buy button above, you will be sent to website where you need to buy the product.

After successful purchase, we will be notified by paypal and we will contact you by your paypal email address, we will need from you the following information:

Store Name:
Phone #:

Please allow 1 to 2 days at the most to receive your registration code by e-mail from date of purchase.

When you enter into the system this registration code, the trial version will turn into a full registered one, so you will not need to reinstall the program.

To review our Support Policy, please click here

What is the difference between our demo version and the full version?
The demo and registered version are basically the same software, with the exception that the demo version will expire after creating a fixed number of invoices. This allows you to make a 100% informed decision after reviewing 100% of our software features and capabilities.
When you purchase the software you will receive a registration code from our sales department. Entering such registration code into the demo version will turn it into a full registered one. This means that you will not even need to install the product again.

Does the above price include the program's CD-ROM?
No, because you are purchasing this software as a download.
Just note that both the download file and the CD-ROM copy of the program hold exactly the same unregistered version of the program, that you will need to manually activate using the registration code we will provide you with.  In case you still wish to get a CD-ROM copy, please contact us.

I own several video stores. How many registration codes do I need?
A registration code is required for each video store location. Therefore, additional video store locations require additional purchases. Multi-location discounts are available, so just contact us for further details.

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