Why Automate?

More and more, computerizing your video store has become a competitive necessity. Research shows that stores that have computerized are -always- more profitable.

And it's no surprise. After all, can your cash register keep track of your customers, inventory, rentals, sales, late fees, provide quicker checkouts, get more repeat business and give you the quick, down-to-the-penny financial data you need to manage your store? Could it ever reduce your paperwork, costs and time?

With a PC as your "smart" cash register and
Video Rental Plus, the answer to all these questions is : YES!

Point-of-Sale made easier:

Video Rental Plus is almost intuitively easy to learn and use.

To ring a sale, the operator simply scans or keys in the bar code label on the membership card and tapes. A sale may be closed out to cash, credit card, check or charged to a House Account. And in seconds, the system produces a detailed invoice to any standard or POS receipt printer.

Several rental price schedules, late fees and due dates can be set up to accommodate any type of pricing policy. As each transaction is completed, the inventory automatically changes, the customer's history is updated and sales and rental figures are adjusted accordingly.

It pays for itself:

Video store owners who have computerized know that the software pays for itself in a matter of weeks. How?

How many times have you had customers return tapes really late? And how many times do you say "Just make it $10, and we'll call it even" ? You do that because you don't want to take 10 minutes to figure out the late charge, AND because you feel guilty asking for $18 or $24 dollars. Your customers don't realize that when they have the tape, you cannot rent it out elsewhere. So you are not getting paid fairly. When you have the computer, the calculation of the late charge is instantaneous. You also feel more justified, (and so do your clerks) in asking for the correct amount.

Many video store owners we have installed systems for, has told us the same thing "collecting the correct late charges alone pays for the system".

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