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I evaluated numerous Movie Rental Systems. Actually took a test ride on 3 systems outside of Video Rental Plus. What I found was Video Rental Plus was a system that was flexible and stable. The Import/Export features now interface with my QuickBook system. I was able to totally eliminate my old cash register. Also when I made suggestion for future release enhancements to Video Rental Plus, they almost immediately responded and in many cases enhanced their system and created newer releases.

Billy C. Davis
Davis Dvd & Other Cool Stuff
8130 Railroad Ave SE, #101
Snoqualmie, Washington 98065


"Everything you could want in one simple package"
Once I had tried the download and experimented using it in my spare time i was convince this was the one for our company. This system enables us to keep a close watch on our rentals and payments. I found the support very helpful then I decided to proceed.

Teresa Marshall
Crofton Stores
1 Crofton Park
Yeovil, BA21 4EA Somerset


"My many thanks to Video Rental Plus for bringing us a great product."
I work at a non-profit organization that offers residence and training for the mentally challenged. One of our main goals is to give the consumers a skill or skills that can bring them into the community and function as close as they can as you and I. One of our training programs, is working in a Video Rental Store. Video Rental Plus is easy to learn and visually unintimidating to the ones that are working on video rental shops. We have been using it for 2 years and we are very pleased with its performance. Service is excellent. Any question that I might have about the program or its function is handled expediently and professionally.

Cynthia Whitney
The Video Library
925 Devereux Way
Goleta, Ca 93117


"thanks for your rapid response"
We own a video store already, and are opening another store. We currently have the "ultimate" program in our store, but are not really happy with it. We downloaded your demo on our home computer to see what it was like, and we were very surprised on its quality. We will be putting this program for use into our new store.

Stanley Coyle
King Videos
12909 East Hwy 25 #1
Ocklawaha, Florida 32179


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